The following page is designed for a new partnership and will focus on Building A Convention Card

Opening Bids and Responses to 1NT using Stayman

Opening bids and Responses to 1NT using Jacoby Transfers

Quiz 2

Review Quiz I

Lebensohl Quiz I

What system are we using -- 2/1 or Sayc
Which of the following Conventions and Treatments are we playing?

Bergen Raises  Regular    3D  Limit
Stayman and Transfers to majors and Minors
Cuebid Limit Raise and Preemptive raises
RKC    1430 or regular blackwood 

2D waiting  -- over 2C
Strong Jump Shifts  GF by Opener
Weak Jump Shifts by Responder
Weak Jump Overcalls
New Minor Forcing -- 4 cards in other major

Fourth Suit Forcing one round or Game forcing
Double Stolen Bid 
Western Cue Bid
Michaels and Unusual Notrump
Gerber -- Jump over NT  only

Bidding over Double weak.. 6 cards less than 10 pts.. redouble

Reverse Drury
1NT semi Forcing by passed hand
1C pass 2nt says if I have good 11 to bad 12 go with good 13
reverses show 17+  
Odd/even first Discard
DONT over their Notrump or would you prefer Natural/CAPP
 Blackwood   1430
Inverted Minors
Jacoby 2nt    ---  Jordan 2nt
Balancing bids