Partnership Bidding
Overview of System

Convention Card

1nt = 15-17     2nt=20-21     3nt prefer opening 2C and jumping
5 Card Majors
Open Better Minor
Transfers over 1nt    Systems on over Interference    Double-Stolen Bid
Takeout Doubles to 3S
Double for Takeout over Preempts to 4H - prefer most doubles as cooperative
Michaels and Unusual NT
Overcall Promises a Good Suit with 8+ PTS. or a Good Hand
Open by the Rule of 20 and Controls
2nt Response to a Major is Jacoby 2nt - Shows Opening Hand + 4 Pieces
Bergen 1H:3H (3-6pts.); 1H:3C (6-9 pts.with 4); 1H:3D (LR with 4)
RONF with 2NT Asking for Feature after a Weak Two
Weak Jump Shifts and Weak Jump Overcalls
A Response of 2nt to your partner's Minor Suit Opening shows 10-11pts or bad 12.
Weak Two Bid in 1st or 2nd Seat Promises Good Structure
Strong 2C Followed by 2D Response Unless Responder has 5-Card Suit & 8+PTS
Use of the Convention of Capp over the Opponents' NT in all seats Fourth Suit Forcing to Game (doesn't apply if on the 1 level)
Cue Bid of the Opponent's Suit One Round Force
Preemptive Raises
Reverses by opener show 17+ points and forcing 1 round.
Jump shifts by opener forcing to game.
Conventions: NMF, Jordan 2nt, Smolen, Reverse Drury, RKC 1430, Mini-Maxi?
Standard Leads and Carding

Responses to 1NT

2C is Stayman Showing a Good 8+ PTS. and at least 1 Four Card Major
2D, 2H, are Transfers to the Next Higher Suit with No Designated Point Count
2S is a transfer (relay to 3C) -- Corrected by Responder if his Suit is Diamonds
With Interference Before Responder -- Double is a Stolen bid -- or Lebensohl
With Interference Before Responder -- Transfer Bids are Still On
2NT Response shows a Good 8-9 PTS. (denying 4-Card Major)-- Invitational
3NT Response shows a Good 10-11 PTS.(denying 4-Card Major)
4NT is Quantitative Showing a NT Hand and is Invitational to 6NT
A Jump to 4C is Gerber asking for Aces
3C or 3D is Invitational Showing a Good 6-Card Suit with No Outside Entry
3H or 3S is Slam Invitational Showing a Good Hand and Good Suit ?
A 4D pr 4H Response is a Texas Transfer with Game Values & a 6=Card Suit
Texas Transfer are Still ON over Interference

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Responses to 2C Opening

2C Generally Shows 22+ HCP or the Playing Equivalent
Opener is Captain Until he Bids 2NT
2D is Waiting -- At this Point We Have No Negative Response
Positive Response can be made only with 5+ Card Suit and 8+ Points
If the 2C bidder makes a Re-bid of 2nt or 3nt -- all Systems are ON
A re-bid of 2nt shows 22-24 PTS. and a Balanced Hand
A Re-bid of 3NT shows 25-26 PTS. and a Balanced Hand
A Jump to 4C over 2nt is Gerber asking for Aces
A Jump to 4NT over 2NT is Blackwood asking for Aces
2C is Forcing to 3 of the Opener's Major and 4 of Opener's Minor
2C followed by a Re-bid of 2NT can be Passed with a Total Bust Hand
In MOST instances a 2C Opening will Lead to Game

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Responses to Opening 1 of a Major

A 2/1 Bid Over a Major shows a good 10+ pts.
A 2 level response followed by jump to 3 in the major is invitational --shows 3 pieces and about 11 pts. (discussion) 2NT is Jacoby and is Game Forcing promising Opening Hand and 4 Trumps
Bergen 1H:3H (3-6pts.); 1H:3C (6-9 pts.with 4); 1H:3D (LR with 4)
1H, pass, 1NT, pass, 2D, pass, 3H Show 11-12 PTS. & 3 Card Support
3NT shows an opening hand (13-15) and 2 Card Support
In Lieu of Bidding 3NT Directly, 4th Suit Forcing Would be Game Force
1 of a Major followed by 2 of a Major, a New Suit by Opener is A Help Suit Try
1 of a Major followed by 2 of a Major, 3 of a Major Shows 16+ PTS. and is Invitational if No Comp
1 of a Major followed by 2 of a Major, followed by 3 of a Major in Competition Does Not Show Added Values But Just the Desire to Compete
In Competition, 1H, 1S, 2S= Cue Bid Limit Raise with 4-card Support
In Competition, 1H, 1S, 3H= is Preemptive Showing A Weak Hand and 4H
In Competition, 1H, double, Redouble = 10+ Points and Tends to Deny a Fit
In Competition, 1H, double, 2NT is A Limit Raise -- this is Jordan 2nt
1H, double, 4H is Preemptive showing 5 Hearts and A Weak Hand

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Responses to Opening 1 of a Minor

A New Suit is Forcing by an Unpassed Hand
Bidding 2 of the Minor is Shows 10+ and is Forcing & denies a 4-card Major
Bidding 3 of the Minor is a Weak (denies a 4-card Major) Inverted
2NT Shows 10-12 PTS. and denies a 4-card Major.
3NT Shows 13-15 PTS. and denies a 4-card Major.
2C over 1D shows 10+ Points and is a one-round Force
2C over 1D followed by a rebid of 3C is Not Game Forcing
We are Playing NMF with 11+ Pts. asking Pard if he has 3-card support
Inverted Minors

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Negative and Support Doubles

Support and Responsive Doubles
Negative double --after suit opening, through 3S (including opener's suit)
1C (1H/1S) double -- promises the other major
Double follod by a suit bid -- nonforcing -- shows length and not strength
1D, 1S, d0uble --if i later bid hearts shows a long suit without the necessary points to bid on the 2 level.

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Weak Two Bid

A Weak 2 in the 1st or Second Seat Promises Good Structure
Good stucture is 2 of the top 3 or 3 of the top 5 honors in that suit
A preempt in the 3rd seat may violate the principle of good structure
Will not have more than 1 outside Ace OR King
Will not have 4 card Major Suit when opening in 1st or 2nd chair
2NT Response asks for feature --outside Ace or King
A New Suit is forcing by a Unpassed hand
However, a New Suit is Non-forcing by a Passed Hand (be careful Here)
A Raise of the Suit is Preemptive and Not Inviting to Game
When you make a Weak 2 Vul you should promise 5 tricks
When you make a Weak 2 Bid Non-Vul you should be promising 4 tricks
If you play undisciplined Weak Two Bids the Ogust Convention is recommended

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A Preempt in the 1st or Second Seat Promises Good Structure
A Bid of 3nt by Partner is to Play

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An Overcall Promises 8+ Points and A Good Suit or A Good Hand A Bid by Opponents' Suit Shows A Limit Raise for the Overcaller's Suit A Jump Raise in Overcaller's Suit is Preemptive showing 4-card Support and a Weak Hand A Jump Shift by Responder is Weak and shows No Game Interest

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Help Suit Game Tries

We are Playing Help Suit Game Tries
To make a Help Suit Game Try Opener has greater than Minimum Values
If the Bidding Goes 1H, p, 2H, a bid of 3C is asking for Help in that Suit
The Help Suit is a Broken Suit with Honors -- if Responder has Help Re-evaluates
If Responder has Help in that Suit and is not Minimum for his bid he will Bid Game
With No Help or a Minimum Hand Responder will Sign-off at the 3 Level

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Strong and Weak Jump Shifts

We are Not Playing Strong Jump Shifts
A Weak Jump Shift is made by Responder at his first Opportunity
A Weak Jump Shift shows a Long Suit with less than 6 Points
We are playing Bergen also so some jumps show major suit fits
A Secondary Jump by Responder in His Own Suit is Invitatational to Game

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Defense Against the Opponents Notrump Openings

Dont in all seats Against Strong Notrump
Other options against a Weak Notrump (i.e. Revised Landy

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Bidding over the Opponent's Takeout Double

When You Open the Bidding and the Opponents Make a T/O Double
A Redouble by Your Partner Shows 10+ Points and Tends to Deny a Fit
A Jump in Your Suit is Preemptive Showing 4-card Support and a WEAK hand
A Bid of 2NT is JORDAN showing a LIMIT Raise with 4-card Support
Your Bid of A New Suit is forcing on the 1 level
Your bid of a new suit is non-forcing on the 2 level -- shows length and weakness.

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Interference Over Our Notrump

We are Playing that All Systems are ON over Interference
A Double Respresents a Stolen Bid
A Bid on the 2 Level is Still a Transfer Bid to Next Higher Suit
If the Opponents Double, A Redouble is Intended to be Left In

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Slam Conventions

RKC 1430 and Gerber only over notrump
DOPI -- Double with 0, Pass with 1

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Leads and Signals

Odd/Even for First Discard
Standard Attitude and Count signals

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If bidding stops at a Low Level, the Person in the Passout Seat will Try to Balance
With A Suit the Balancer Will Bid his Suit
With Some Values and Support for the Unbids he will make a Balancing Double
What is a bid of 1nt in the passout seat if the opponents have bid?

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Summary of the Conventions We Play

Jacoby Transfers & Texas Transfers
Gerber (only over NT directly)
RKC 1430
New Minor Forcing
Reverse Drury
Inverted Minors
Fourth Suit Forcing to Game
Cuebid Limit Raises
Preemptive Jump Raises
Jordan 2nt
Michaels & Unusual NoTrump
Strong 2C with 2D Waiting unless 5 Card Suit with Values
Reverses (by responder are game forcing)
RONF and 2nt asking for feature
Bergen Raises
Sandwich Notrump Optional
Western cue bid

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