Worksheet for Partnership Agreement -- Part 1

1 What is your range for 1nt: ___________ 2nt___________ 3nt___________
2 Do you open light in the 3rd seat?   Do you play any form of Drury?
3 Do you play a short club?


What is your range for 2C?    What type of hand should you have?
5 What are your responses for 2C?
6 If responder has 8HCP and uses stayman and opener responds 2D, what is responder next option?
7  Do you play strong or weak jump shifts by responder?
8 When opener makes a strong jump shift how many points is he showing?
9 When opener jumps to 3 of his suit on his second bid -- how many points is he showing?
10 Is 3D invitational or forcing?   1nt:2C: 2H:3D?     (Assume the opponents are quiet during the auction)
11 Do you play reverses and what is your point range?
12 Do you play transfers to both majors and minors?
13 Do you play negative doubles and to what level.   
14 Do you generally open a weak two-bid in the first seat if it is of poor quality, or do you maintain good structure?       Is a new suit by your partner forcing?        What does a bid of 2nt by your partner mean?
15 If you open and your LHO bids 1NT -- is a bid by your partner forcing?
16  Do you ever re-bid a five-card suit on the 2-level to limit your hand? 
17 If you open 1nt and partner transfers you to hearts --how many points & hearts do you need to say 3H?
Do you play Gerber and when do you use it?   Do you play Quanitative Notrump and if so when?
19  If you open 1C, and I bid 2nt how many points do I have and what am I telling you?
20 If you open 1C, and I bid 3nt -- how many points do I have and what am I telling you?
21  How many points do you need to make an overcall at the one level?    on the 2 level?
22 Partner opens 1NT and you have 5/5 in the majors -- how do you show this hand?
Does it depend on your point count?
23 When you make a direct limit raise (1H:3H) are you promising 11-12 points & 4 hearts?
How do you show a Limit raise with 3 pieces?  
What if you are a passed hand and partner opens in 3rd seat?
24 Partner opens 1NT and you have 5/4 in the majors -- how do you show this hand. 
 (a) with 8Hcp     (b) with 5hcp
25  You open and your LHO doubles -- I bid 2C -- is that forcing?   What would a redouble by me show?         Worksheet Part 2